Friday, January 31, 2014

Top 10 #Edtech Posts

Here are the top ten Promoting Student Engagement blog posts relating to the use of #Edtech. Following the top ten list with descriptions, you’ll find the posts sorted by topic (vision, leadership, and BYOT/1:1).

Let’s co-opt the power of creating digital stories for a global audience. As educators, let’s give students opportunities to create, not just consume, digital stories. Check out this fun post just to see preschoolers, teachers, and senior citizens doing the Harlem Shake.

You don’t have time NOT to tweet. Tell people their work matters. Provide teachers great ideas. Provide inspiration. Build a shared vision.

#3  Four Policies to Support EdTech                           

Replace the #edtech lockdown mentality with a student driver approach. An open letter to School Board members.

Alan November asks, “Who owns the learning?” Effective teaching and learning involves purpose-driven work, a shift of control, leveraging the motivation of student ownership, and enlisting technology.

This post includes a humorous Best Buy commercial that illustrates why BYOT may be more appealing to some students than a 1:1 initiative.

Let the rebranding begin. Here is why we should refer to 1:1 as 1 to the World!

What are the design qualities that promote student engagement? These design qualities should drive our use of technology.

How do you get other leaders in your organization to model the use of technology?

Do you assume that the use of technology will yield automatic gains in skills and knowledge? Let’s not just bolt technology on top of current processes and procedures!

Technology is not just about the bells and whistles. We need a vision for effectively leveraging technology to support student achievement.

Here are the posts sorted by topic.

What Educators Should Learn from the Harlem Shake
The Digital Learning Farm: A Call to Action
Using Technology to Transform Teaching & Learning
Are You a Techno-Cheerleader?
It’s Not About the Angry Birds—Or is it?

Top 4 Reasons for Superintendents & Principals to Send Shout Out Tweets
Four Policies to Support EdTech
4 Steps to Leaders Modeling Effective Use of Technology


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