Thursday, April 19, 2012

Are There Any School Board Members on Twitter?

Want to connect with School Board members via Twitter? Don’t know how to find School Board members on Twitter?
If you want to read the tweets of School Board members, candidates, and associations, click on this link to view a list of School Board members that I curate. Then select “Subscribe.”
To view just the stream of tweets from this group, go to your Profile page. Click the Lists tab on the left side of the screen. Choose the list entitled School Board.  You will immediately see the stream of Tweets from individuals on in this group. If you see the members of the group, rather than the stream, click on the “Tweets” button just below the subscribe/unsubscribe button.
I am not included on this list so please consider following me (@ewilliams65) as well.
As #NSBAConf proceeds, I will add tweeting School Board members to this list.
To see who is on the list, visit the link above and select “List Members” below the subscribe/unsubscribe button.
If you are a School Board member, but are not yet included in the list just mention me (@ewilliams65) in a tweet and let me know that you are a Board member.
Click here to learn more about Twitter Lists, including how to see what lists you are on and how to create lists.
You may also wish to view my post regarding tweeting at conferences.
Also, click here to follow a list of superintendents curated by @DanielLFrazier.

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